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I ordered a medical alert pendant from First Alert Medical Pendant because of my daughter and granddaughter. They would worry relentlessly about me living alone, driving and being active, so to give them peace of mind I ordered my medical alert. I've used it a lot for all sorts of things from driving directions, to getting help when I locked my keys in my car, to help when I fell and couldn't get up. I owe it to myself to have a medical pendant and I owe it to my family to use my medical pendant.

Patty M.

Buffalo, NY

My husband has had back surgery, both hips replaced and surgery on his right knee. He uses a walker most of the time. We ordered a Medical Alert from first alert medical pendant because I found him lying on the kitchen floor when i returned home from lunch and shopping with friends. He embraces the pendant and uses it on a daily basis. For him, having a pendant gives him more independence and freedom. I know that I don't have to worry about going out anymore. Thanks, First Alert Medical Pendant.


The Wilkinsons

Largo, FL

I’m 89 years young, I still drive, I work part-time, I volunteer at Meals on Wheels and I live with my cat, Sam. I bought a medical alert pendant from FIrst Alert Medical Pendant back in 2007 and I swear by it. I use it almost daily and take it everywhere I go. This is by far the best thing I've ever done for myself. I recommend First Alert Medical Pendant to everyone I talk to. Get a pendant before it's too late.


Jean Whicker

Atlanta, GA

Five Stars! I've had a few medical alert pendants and I’ve always canceled or stopped using them. I would very highly recommend First Alert Medical Pendant, the company is great and the price is great. I put my trust in First Alert Medical Pendant and the folks that work there.